Monday, October 19, 2009


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer In Motion....

Well, I'm BAAAACKK!!! For my friends and family who thought I'd left blogger world for good, I apologize!
The Ekenseairs have had a WONDERFUL summer so far!! We went on vacation the third week in May to Destin, FL, and had a blast (as usual). The Fulghams went again this year, as well as the Fosters, and about 9 other families we know!! What a week!! The kids had so much fun this year- it's so fun to see how much they grow and change from year to year. It seems like Sophie F. should still be Ella's age, which is how old she was the first time we traveled with the Fulghams 5 years ago!
Ella enjoyed spending time with her friend Allie Foster and her brother Noah, too. Ella danced to live music with the gang at restaurants, went crab hunting with her buddy Bradon one night, and played hard on the beach and at the pool as much as we could. It was not the most perfect weather trip we've ever had, but we soaked up some sun nonetheless! It was also neat to watch Kris Allen win American Idol while we were there! Conway was definitely represented from Florida that night! =)
Michael and I were so ready for a break from work (the month before our trip was CRAZY)and Destin is truly one of our favorite places to be with friends. Ella loved the beach again this year, and we were so thankful! She also got to play in the fountains at Destin Commons SEVERAL days, rode go-carts for the first time (she LOVED them), and went on her first crab hunt!
Life is great in Conway. Michael is really enjoying spending time with Ella on his day off with her during the week. They go to storytime at the library, the park, and many other places together. BUSY!! She certainly loves her Daddy right now, and it's easy to see why! =) He says his day with her is the best thing about working at UAMS.
My job is still going well. We made it through a rainy Toad Suck Daze weekend and several other events in May, and are now renovating the front of the Chamber- which means 12+ people are squeezed into my usual-4-person office right now! It's crowded, but fun!
Connie and Emily were here for a week in May, and Ella enjoyed getting some time with them! She's headed to Mommy Tot and Daddy Bob's this weekend and she's been asking every day if we're going yet. For some reason she doesn't really understand what Thursday means yet. =)

SO- I am going to try to be a better blogger this summer! Life is just going by too fast, isn't it? Here are some of the photos from our trip that I took (a few are ones that Karin took- mine pale in comparison). I'll post more when I'm able to go through the CD she gave me. Love to all today!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had an awesome holiday weekend! Ella went to several egg hunts on Saturday because we knew the weather on Sunday would be less than ideal. She had a blast opening all of the plastic eggs- especially the ones filled with CANDY!!! We enjoyed a great Easter service at church on Sunday followed by lunch with Mimi, Papa, Chris and Mica!
What is Ella into these days? Books and Music. Still. She has quite a song list going!! She talks NONSTOP these days- some new phrases I love are:
Oh My Word!, What the world? (What in the World), Awesome!, That's for MEEEE?, It's so CUTE!, Thank you SO MUCH!, etc., etc.
Her favorite books right now are Goin' on a Bear Hunt, Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus, and Panda Bear Panda Bear What Do You See? (She can read this one for memory by herself)
She is taken with SOUND!! This girl can hear a train, airplane, helicopter, garbage or fire truck from miles away before the motor has started- she'll say, "you hear dat?"
Papa and Mimi gave her The Sound Of Music (my favorite childhood movie of all time)for Easter, so I'm sure we'll be adding many performances to our repertoire!

THE THINKER (plus egg)

Easter Morning!! He came!!!

Before Church

Recent trip to the ZOO

Ella's Monkey Face

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I only have a few minutes to post before we catch the ferry to Sausalito, but I wanted to share a few pics from my "foodie" day yesterday! I took a culinary tour of North Beach/Little Italy on Friday afternoon. I drank the most delicous cappucino, tasted fresh-baked breads, pastries, truffles, olive oils, meats, and cheeses, and learned so much! What a beautiful area! I visited the very spot where Frances Ford Coppolla wrote the Godfather and where Bill Cosby got his start, saw the most beautiful cathedral, and ended up at a beatnik museum(random, i know). Connie and I dined at a French restaurant last night near our hotel and had one of the best meals I've ever had- and the most delicious wine and dessert. A foodie's perfect day!